Can You Keep A Secret?

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We know we can!  Some secrets, however, are just too good to be kept---and My Little Secrets is definitely one of them!  We definitely struck gold when we came across this online site for women.  My Little Secret sells the most fashionable but still functional items a girl could ever want. Some of our favorite secrets are the UNII Palette, Fit in Clouds, and the Convertible Dress Part 1 & 2.  We had the pleasure of catching up with entrepreneur Natalie Ho of the fabulous online retail site My Little Secrets, to find out her favorite items from the site as well as her advice on becoming a successful entrepreneur.  Be sure to check out My Little Secrets, but first check out our interview with this wonder woman below!

Interview With My Little Secrets entrepreneur Natalie Ho


What sets My Little Secrets apart from other online retailers?  What do you feel the online retail industry was lacking before you became a part of it.


My Little Secrets is unique because it is truly a one stop shop for women who are looking for fashion and function. Prior to My Little Secrets, the online retail industry was very limited in offering a website that featured a variety of "save to day" products for women. Our products are hand picked, tried and tested by our team to ensure that each item will help a women day to day, leaving them feeling fabulous. We also provide tips and tricks on how to best use these items, some with instructional videos too!


What is the philosophy behind your online retail site?


Our philosophy is to introduce functional products not always readily available at stores to women at a great price! We want all women to have the ability to look great and feel great without spending a million bucks. 


Which of your products is your favorite and why?


    The 8-way Convertible Dress (http://www.mylittlesecrets.ca/collections/frontpage/products/convertible-dress-part-2) is one of my favorites because is it extremely versatile. I can wrap it any way I want, wear it to a cocktail party, a nice dinner, or attending a wedding. The fabric is soft; the style is flattering on all body types. Many brides contact us to order for their bridesmaids because this is a dress they can wear again and again.

    My second favorite is Bootights (http://www.mylittlesecrets.ca/collections/frontpage/products/bootight-mid-calf). It is tight and sock in one.  The fabric is durable, perfect for fall and winter. It sure beats wearing a pair of socks on top of our tights!


If you could offer your products to any celebrity who would it be and why?


If there were a celebrity I could offer our products to, I would pick Lauren Conrad. I think she's got a great sense of style that is simplistic yet fashionable - similar to the style of the "everyday" woman. If she tried our products, she can help relate to the everyday challenges women when it comes to fashion and function.


What can we expect from My Little Secrets in the near future?


In the near future, we hope to launch our own brand of products. We want to take our ideas and suggestions from customers and turn them into something tangible.


What advice would you give to others who are aspiring to become entrepreneurs?


My advice is to listen to your heart and your desires. If you have an idea, try it out because nothing is impossible. Nothing is unachievable as long as you put your mind to it. Starting a business requires time, effort, and energy. So if you have passion for something, put your time, effort, and energy into it! Don't ever make excuses up for yourself, if you have a plan, stick to it and execute. One day, you can relax and look at what you've accomplished! 

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❤My Little Secrets Doll Favorites❤:

UNII Palette

Fit in Clouds
Convertible Dress 1 & 2

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