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Noah is one of the most gifted young Directors of our generation. As the CEO of his own company beyond MEASURE productions, he truly represents one who not only possessed a dream, but has conquered many of his aspirations. Beyond MEASURE productions “strives to tell compelling stories” and help clients reach their goals.

Having accomplished so much during the early stages of life, we stand in awe of Noah’s artistic ability. Recently, BET has entered his short film ‘BROKE’ into their ‘Lens On Talent’ showcase. He has also worked for NIKE, directed music videos for artists such as Kid Daytona, Kardinal Offishall, Audio Push, and G.O.D. Jewels, and various short films and commercials. As Noah continues to develop and expose his craft to the world, he encourages others to think outside the box when reaching for the stars.

1. What inspired you to become a director?

The funny thing about this question is that I wasn't inspired… I was so young that I can't remember why I started shooting with a camera. My mother had a huge VHS camcorder when I was about 8, so I kind of forced my brothers to do interviews similar to what was on television. Honestly, I don't know why I started directing, other than the fact that I wanted to create. I wanted to show people that I could do exactly what I saw on the television. The only answer I can give is a cliché one. Rather than inspired, I’m starting to believe I was born to be a storyteller. My junior year of high school they introduced video production, which eventually became my hobby until I decided that’s as far as it would go. Then I eventually was reintroduced to Directing again my sophomore year at DePaul University, when they first started the program. So, like I said before, it never was really a decision, Directing seemed to follow me, until I finally realized it was there the whole time.

2. What steps did you take towards not only becoming a director, but starting beyond MEASURE productions?

The first step I took was figuring out where my strength lied. I can shoot, edit, produce, and record sound, but I like to control every aspect of a project. Every shot, angle, lighting set-up, musical score, editorial cut I want to control it all. Sitting back and knowing how something should look, feel, or sound was tough for me on set, so I knew the only way to accomplish that position was being a director. A director that a crew trusted, and believed could deliver a great story. After establishing this position the next step was to become a well known director. Realizing that everyone today considers themselves a "director", I decided after being influenced by my cousin Logan Jones, to start a company so that we could produce all of our work, without me having to worry about 'being hired or contracted'. Starting beyond MEASURE productions allowed everything in producing to be at my disposal. I honestly wanted to start my company when I was 28 and had a feature film done, but after seeing how in high demand beyond MEASURE productions has become, I think starting early was the best choice in growing as a Director.

3. What are some of your most memorable accomplishments as a director and why?

My most memorable moment, as of yet, has to be given the privilege to be the Director of Photography for Patrick Wimps’ thesis film that was shot in Paris, Amsterdam, Ireland, and Chicago. Being able to experience other cultures and explore the film world they have developed, has opened my eyes to a variety of different film styles. It was a challenge because I wanted to respect the style that particular city instilled, while meshing their style with my own.

4. Tell us about any upcoming events or goals that you are particularly excited about?

Just last week BET notified me that our first short film 'BROKE' was entered in their 'Lens On Talent' showcase. We just finished our first feature film 'The Last Shot' www.thelastshotfilm.com with Positive Image Films, which will be circling the film festival market very soon. Lastly, beyond MEASURE is in pre-production for our next project titled, 'D.R.E.A.M.E.R.S'… Can't give too much information on this project other then it represents a lot of us.

5. What sets you apart from others in your field?

I hate answering questions like this, but what I can say about myself is I don't stop. There’s a certain type of person or artist that is satisfied with what they create and where they are in life; to me, I have so much more to grow and experience. Every project I’ve done, I’ve never been satisfied with the end product (maybe I shouldn't be saying this haha). I look back at some of the projects and say, I wish I did this or changed that, but in the end it just feeds my desire to make my next project THAT much better or creative. I hate doing things that have been already done, so my drive to impress is insatiable.

6. Tell us about the biggest obstacle you’ve faced on your pathway to success and how you overcame?

The biggest obstacle at the moment is not allowing clients to influence my art to align with the norm. Sometimes when you have an idea or begin to create a project, the client can become scared of the innovativeness of your concept, which can either 1: drive them away, or 2: chop down the idea so it no longer has your spin on it. Being able to find a happy medium between what they want and how I visualize it has been an obstacle, but the way in which I’ve dealt with it is to gain the trust of the client. Once they trust that you will deliver and not tarnish the image they have branded for themselves, then usually they give you free range in pitching concepts.

7. What advice would you give someone trying to fulfill their dreams?

To be realistic about their dream. As easy as it is to dream, it’s just as hard to fulfill it. Master your craft and know your strengths. If you don't know who you are as a person and your capabilities, then you won’t know what is possible for you and what’s not. A good example is music. Let's take T-Pain for example. He's branded the use of 'autotune' and has become extremely successful in doing so. Regardless of the negative opinions people may have been slandering him with, he continued to stick to what worked for him and now he's at a position where he can now branch out and create what he wants. Other than keeping your dreams realistic, strategically know how you're going to get there. If everyone is trying to do what you are, then you all will go about getting there in a similar manner. So think outside the box and try getting their in an unexpected way, you never know what will work until you try it.

8. What do you value and dislike most about a woman?

What I value most about women is how they can capture a man's total attention. I believe it’s the most unthought after trait that women instill. Not the women that wear skimpy clothes and thirst for attention there’s no talent in that. But the woman that carries herself appropriately and knows that being a woman is sexy in itself. That’s CRAZY haha. There are certain women that exude sexy without trying to be sexy; and I can't, but appreciate that. So, I guess I’d call that a WOMAN'S presence. What I dislike most about women is when they have no boundaries and appreciation for themselves. God made you a woman for a reason so don't disappoint Him haha.

9. Ultimately, why do you think God placed you on Earth?

I've thought about this question a lot recently, and I believe through Art, God will allow me to express the truth about life. Regardless of how other people will take it or disagree, I believe He wants me to minister through Art.

10. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years I want to:

-Still be alive and healthy
-Have my first feature film shot
-Have as many kids as my money allows
-Still be in God's graces



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