Love and Relationships: Black Marriage Negotiations

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Don't be offended by this video ladies. I find it to be extremely comical! It may over dramatize the mindset some black women possess, but it should be looked at as a warning! DON'T BE RIDICULOUS WHEN IT COMES TO RELATIONSHIPS! It's sad to say, but I have actually heard women say they want a man who makes six figures, spoil them, & BLAH BLAH, the list goes on. There is nothing wrong with reaching for the stars, but allowing the insatiable desire for material things to be a determining factor of a mate is very ignorant. How can you overlook someone who truly cares for you and is willing to look past the faults you fail to see in yourself because you value what's superficial.

If by chance you do have a man and you treat him as if he is your lackey, please do you him a favor and end the relationship. Everyone deserves better than to be in a relationship with a controlling, manipulative mate.

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