Daily Dollism: What Makes Us Do the Things We Do?

Published on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 in , ,

We love to inspire and motivate our D.O.L.L.S out there....and one way that we are often inspired is through music.  One song that has always been inspiring to me is Imagination by Tamia.  I used to absolutely love this song!  The first two lines of the first verse are the two lines that inspire me the most.

"Everything you want is real close when you close your eyes
And the things you think about the most they come to life..."
~Tamia - Imagination

Growing up, I began to see that these inspirational words were not just a part of a song.  I found out that they are a part of the truth about life.  What ever you imagine good or bad is VERY likely to come to pass. Whatever you focus most of your thoughts on is what will appear in your life.  If you don't believe me--think about it.  Enjoy the video loves...be inspired...imagine...dream...and believe!


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