Do you like me? ✔ YES or NO.....

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Lately I’ve been having lots of nostalgic moments, mostly from my childhood.  I’ve been thinking about how simple love is when you’re a kid and how somehow on the quest to adulthood we seem to complicate it for no apparent reason.  I miss the days when love was as simple as a…do you like me check yes or no.  I miss those days simply because they were so simple.  I wish love was still simple like that and I actually love it when a guy can be clever enough to pull off that type of cute gesture.  Ultimately I think the art of Love is alive and well, but perhaps we should revisit those days of simplicity if we wish to keep the Love thriving in all of our relationships romantic and platonic.  Love is such a powerful thing that it does not have to be overdone because it simply is.  Enough of my thoughts for now….we want to know ---how you keep Love simple and sweet?  Share your thoughts with us!

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