The Fear Factor: What’s Your Limit?

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Stepping out on your own two is harder than it looks especially while you’re trying to keep naysayers at bay. Allowing their comments to not only rule your thoughts but also to influence your future is a recipe for a tragic mishap.  But at the same time, you don’t have to surround yourself with a slew of “yes men” to get the job done, either. Your opinion should be the only one that counts as long as you’re trying to make a positive imprint on your life and the lives of others.

Sometimes, self doubt is the real enemy, though. Not feeling smart enough, business savvy enough, or adventurous enough to get the job done is the true issue. You’re in your OWN way. Period. I’ve done it before, and I know plenty of other people who have limited themselves. Dreaming big has a way of making you feel like you have huge shoes to fill—like your size 8 feet are swimming in a size 15 hoping to find the answer in there somewhere.

Not to worry, though. Take a step back, look around, and truly notice all the things that have been going right—thing that really work and build on it. Think about the next logical step, but also learn from the mistakes you’ve made and take corrective measures. Because honestly, beyond fear, there’s something much greater. Would you really want to admit to someone that fear conquered you and kept you from becoming the next leader in the business world, educational reform system, the entertainment industry or the political arena?

My best advice is simple. Know your passion, know your dreams, know no limits, and live up to them!


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