Love and Relationships: 5 Emotions that Ruin Relationships

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At some point in our lives, we all want to put our best foot forward in our love life. That’s a given, but what happens when you throw your heart into a relationship for all the wrong reasons? If it “feels” wrong, then it probably is. Don’t fight the feeling. Just bow out gracefully, and fall in love when the timing and most importantly, the feeling is right!

The Fear Factor: Singletons beware! This is the number one emotion that wraps us up and tosses us into the tangled webs of love before we’re ready to be there. Embrace your singlehood. Nothing’s wrong with you. Take the woe-is-me-attitude and listen to Mya’s “Single, Sexy, and Free” a few times on repeat and steer clear of the table-for-one-please blues. Your time is coming. Just don’t rush it because you’re “Scared of Lonely.”

Anger Miss-Management: And YES, I meant to put MISS! Just because you miss your ex and are a bit too angry about your break up two days ago does not mean James is the one. Don’t you dare try to MAKE it work with someone else because it fell apart with a recent ex. Even if you manage to make him angry at the thought of you dating someone else, it won’t change where you stand and your actions are now hurting the new less-than significant other in your life.

The Comfort Zone: Feeling comfortable is one thing. Being in a relationship is another. More has got to be brought to the table than this. Simply put, my dog makes me feel real comfortable. Is he the one for me? Uh no. I don’t think so. Every now and then, we slip up and we date a dog or two because they make us feel comfortable and we don’t pay attention to warning signs that tell us to run and take cover. This feeling should definitely be in the relationship but so should a host of others. This can’t be the only thing you feel when you’re with him or her.

You’re Approved: It’s one thing to glow when your newfound lover impresses your family and friends, but they should not be the end all decision on whether he or she sticks around or not. If you’re looking for a stamp of approval then go take out a loan somewhere. Hopefully, you’ll get the “You’re Approved” Satisfaction there, but if impressing others is your aim, do it yourself. Don’t use someone else.

The Green-Eyed Monster: Jealousy…tsk tsk…can make you do off the wall things. Just because she has  a man and seems to have found her happily ever after does not mean you have to bend over backwards to get one by sunrise the next day. Wanting what she has is a recipe for disaster seeing as though what works for her isn’t guaranteed to work for you.

Love for all the right reasons and leave the wrong one’s behind!

Relationships are nothing without the emotions that stand behind them so what are some other no-no’s when it comes to pairing up with a significant other? Any feelings that we missed out on? Or any comments you want to add to the mix? Hit the button below and let us know what’s on your mind! We welcome any and all comments!

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