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Brit Nicole is a contemporary Christian artist who has touched the lives of so many people through songs of inspiration and empowerment. At the young age of twenty-five years old she has released two albums, “Say It” and “The Lost Get Found”, both of which have peaked Billboard's Christian Albums.

Brit’s style can be better described as thought provoking pop music. Not only does her music make you want to dance and have fun, but it narrates through stories of overcoming defeat. Her music is very personal and adds a melodic tune to bold instructions on how we can withstand and grow from our pit falls in life. She shows how God’s love can be so evident in ones life if you just let him in.

“My fans want a pop record,” she says wistfully. “I’m a pop artist and they love fun music. When they come to my concerts, they want to have fun and I love that. That’s in my personality to have fun, but the heart of who I am is to worship and to see people’s lives changed and to reach those who are hurting. It’s what I believe God has called me to do.”

Take some time to check out the music of a young lady who has chosen to follow her calling to change lives.

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1 Response to Brit Nicole

December 29, 2010 at 2:14 AM

Im really feeling Britt's enthusiasm for the word and her creative manner of expressing her love for christ!