Create - Your - Master Plan: 2011 New Years Resolution

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2010 has been an awesome year for us!  We were able to start a blog and connect with lots of amazing people.  None of this would have happened if we didn't sit down and come up with a plan.  Some of you often see us tweet that we're either thinking of or working on a master plan.  We are really serious when we tweet that, and decided to give you guys some tools to help you come up with your own master plan!  We feel that when making  plan, it should be written as if it has already been accomplished.  To us, speaking in future tense tends to keep results in the future.  Write your plan in present tense so that it can remind you that change is happening now!  Copy   and paste the form in work then fill it out.  Print it out and keep it in plain view as a constant reminder of your master plan!

My Master Plan

2011 is my _______________ year for ________________ I have decided to make 

a resolution to _________________________________.  It's time to make this 

dream a reality!  I decided to give myself________________ intervals as check 

points to evaluate my progress.  I started on ________________, and by

___________________, I had already began to see progress!  I kept 

myself focused and motivated by ____________________.  I rewarded myself 

with ________________________ every time I progressed through a check point.  

This year I have been very _____________________ of/with myself.

What has helped you to stick to your goals?

Stay Motivated Loves

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