A Few of My Favorite Things

Published on Saturday, December 25, 2010 in ,

❤I LOVE Christmas!  It's the best holiday because you get to spend time with all of your loved ones❤

Merry Christmas Dolls & Gents!  It brings me great pleasure to be writing you yet another post here at http://www.3-dolls.com.  It's been an awesome year for us and I've decided that I may start something new where at the end of the week I share with you the things that I love, am inspired by, or things that have simply brought me joy.  I hope you all enjoy these things as much as I do and that you all have a Merry Christmas and a fabulous weekend! x❤x❤!

❤"You'll shoot you're eye out!" Love this movie always gets me in the Christmas spirit❤

No snow in your town...no worries--check out this cool website where you can make your own snowflake! http://snowdays.popularfront.com/

❤Yummy cupcakes are always a part of the equation when it comes to my family and the holidays.  My favorite are strawberry cupcakes!❤

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