Letters from Concerned Citizens to: The Bag Lady

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Dear Bag Lady,

Whether you’re carrying your past in a Louis Vuitton duffle or a sneaky “Prado” knock-off, baggage is still baggage and your past is still your past. Please do us all a favor and drop the dead weight, ASAP!

Letting your negative memories from your past seep into the here and now can actually destroy the very things you’re trying to build whether it’s your career, family, or loving relationship. Dwelling on hurtful memories is like draping a chain around your dreams, daring them to go anywhere, and being surprised when they don’t budge an inch.

There’s nothing you can do about the past so why dedicate your time to it? Put the conspiracy theories aside and realize that no two situations are exactly alike. Just because you notice a particular pattern in your professional or personal life does not mean it’s going to repeat itself over and over again making all your predictions come true in the end. But, hey, if you want to keep your guards up and take cover behind your fortress of luggage, then by all mean please do. Really, who am I to stop you?

I would advise you to open up your baggage one last time, though. Rummage around in them and challenge yourself to find the silver lining. What lessons can you take from the past that may help you make sound decisions in the future?

Realize, however, that there is a BIG difference between taking a few lessons along for the ride and taking every ordeal you’ve ever experienced along with you, too. For, example, if you’ve been involved with people who always took you for granted, then you know the signs of someone who’s doing just that. If you notice those issues again, then it’s more than okay to remove yourself from the situation.

The problem comes when you grow to EXPECT negative things to happen even before you see any signs. I mean, if Tyrone cheated, then ALL men have to be cheaters now? REALLY?!?! Someone hurt you deeply, so now everyone else no matter what their actions SHOW you is out to do the same? Hmmm…now, that, my dear, is truly unhealthy!

So remember, Bag Lady, take the lessons. Leave the luggage. Do whatever it takes to get rid of it. I hear consignment shops are always looking for gently used baggage or perhaps on the way to your new destination you can check your bags at the gate and pray they get lost before you land.

Whatever you do, don’t call up U-haul and have them arrive at your final destination before you even get your foot in the door.

Friendly advice from a concerned DOLL,


*cues Erykah Badu* When they see you coming…^%$%^'s take off running… smh


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