Letters from Concerned Citizens to: Teen Moms and Dads

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Dear Teen Mom and Dad,

Play time is over! It’s time to grow up. Raising a child is easy for some I guess (assuming they took the easy, irresponsible way out), but raising a well-rounded, mannerable child with a sense of self-respect and respect for others takes nothing short of hard work, patience, and pure dedication.

Children are glimpses of what’s to come in the future—not fly-by-night mistakes, and you, my friend, are their first role model. What exactly will they learn from you if you’re still stumbling trying to make sense of life yourself?

Truth be told, I’m just starting to realize exactly why my parents treated me the way they did, and I’m quite proud of my upbringing. I do recall mumbling to myself a couple of times that I would never be that mean to my kids and I’d be more lenient on my children. However thinking back on it, my parents always had my best interests at heart whether I liked it, understood it, agreed with it, or NOT!

Now, too many parents, especially the younger ones, blur the line between parent and friend so much that it takes some effort to tell who really runs the household—the child or the parent. That should never be the case. Kids have enough friends nowadays without having their parent be one of the guys or one of the girls. Believe it or not, they can survive without their twin mother trying to dress according to their young-minded fashion sense, and they can definitely learn a thing about “grown folks business” and how to stay out of it. It’s no secret that a lot of kids act grown when they are exposed to grown up things way too much and way too soon, but I know we see examples of it all the time. The songs we listen to around them, the language we use, the dances we let them do, and the grown conversations we let them be a part of is borderline ridiculous in some cases, and for the life of me, I can’t find one person who can rationalize letting their child perform Waka Flocka’s “Oh Leh Do It” when he or she struggles to count to ten or has trouble reciting the ABC’s, but as YouTube is my witness, parents let it happen all the time! Nothing about that is cute AT ALL!

I agree, though, there should be some level of friendship between the parent and child where they feel comfortable seeking advice and counsel from you, but they should still respect you, your judgment, and your authority. This is probably the best thing you can teach them, in fact. Rules are rules. They learn this from you whether you believe it or not. School can’t teach them this if you don’t believe it and enforce it at home, and if a child won’t listen to their parents, tell me exactly who will they listen too? NOBODY, that’s who!

Parenthood is no joke. In fact, it’s a life changing experience. It’s not just about you anymore, and every great parent I’ve ever known realizes that child-rearing causes you to put you childish ways aside and grow up a bit whether you’re 16, 25, or 37. Bottomline, though, if you love your child, you’d welcome the change and set an example for them that will teach them life lessons they can carry with them forever. Don’t take it lightly. These children are our future, and we can’t raise them half-heartedly and expect everything just to magically fall into place.

Concerned D.O.L.L.

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