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Hey D.O.L.L.S!  I hope you all had a fun, productive, and blessed week!  It's been an amazing week for me and there is nothing better than wrapping the week up with you all! Three of the things this week that helped me maintain a positive, open, and inspired mind included a photo shoot featuring Angela Simmons, Teowanna Clifton's view on natural hair, and a technique called 5 finger relaxation.

1. Angela Simmons Derek Blanks photo shoot

Angela Simmons tops this weeks 3 Things You Have To See list with her fierce photo shoot done by photographer Derek Blanks.  Angela is definitely one of the few stars I can truly look up to and admire.  My admiration for her is inspired not only by her impeccable fashion sense, but also by the morals, grace, and fearlessness she embodies!  Check out more photos of this hip hop princess.

2. That Teowanna! Three Ways To Determine if You are Ready to ‘Go Natural’

Second on the list this week is a very interesting post I read by one of our fellow Carolina Bloggers.  Teowanna Clifton always says it like she means it, and this post is no exception.  In Three Ways To Determine If You are Ready to 'Go Natural' Teowanna explains what she feels it really takes to truly commit to being natural.  After reading her post, I must say I definitely agree with her.  Many people are jumping on the natural hair train, but are they truly committing to what it really means to be natural?

3. 5 Finger Relaxation Technique from Five Good Minutes

I always think it's best to end things on a positive note, that's why I am wrapping this list up with a very creative and simple way to find relaxation in any moment----it's called the 5 Finger Relaxation Technique.  I came across this technique while reading a book by the name of Five Good Minutes.  This technique has proven to be VERY effective for me, so I hope you all will check it out below and give it a try!

1. Touch your thumb to your index finger and think back to a time when you felt a healthy exhaustion (i.e. after exercise, cleaning a house, etc.)

2. Touch your thumb to your middle finger and think back to a time you had a loving exchange with someone special (i.e. a heart to heart conversation, love letter, etc.)

3. Touch your thumb to your ring finger and recall the most caring gesture you've ever received.

4.  Touch your thumb to you little finger, travel back to the most amazing place you've seen or dreamed of.  Focus on all the beauty of that place.

After trying this technique you should feel a sense of ease and awareness!

I hope you all enjoyed these 3 things that helped get me through the week with a creative and positive mindset!  Join me next week same place same time!

What helped you to get through your week?  Share it with us by commenting below!


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