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Hey D.O.L.L.S!  We have conquered yet another glorious week in 2011.  I don't know about you all, but I am still feeling the excitement of new beginnings and embracing change as it comes.  With that being said three things that kept me inspired, challenged my some of my ideas, and kept me in an attitude of gratitude and motivation included a photo shoot featuring the Simmons sisters,  @NoahxZark's view on what a soul mate truly is, and a cool website to help you find your lost cell phone.

1. The Simmons sister cover FASHIZBLACK Magazine.

The Simmons sisters top this weeks 3 Things You Have To See list with their sexy, but classy feature in Fashizblack Magazine.  I saw this via Necole Bitchie, but I just had to share with you all!  It's no secret that I love Angela and Vanessa Simmons!  I look up to them because they are two beautiful, dream driven, business savvy, classy, and fearless women.  We've watched them grow up on Run's House and in the latest issue of Fashizblack Magazine, these two beauties showed ladies that there is nothing wrong with being sexy as long as you keep it classy!  Check out more photos from the shoot here.

2.  @NOAHxZark! Soul Mate
via (R.A.O.K)

Coming in second this week is a post I read this week that really got my mind going by @NoahxZark.  In Soul Mate, Noah shares his beliefs on what a soul mate truly is and what they were sent here to do.  Now I must say, this post challenged my beliefs on what a soul mate is meant to do.  After I read it however, I totally can see where he is coming from and I definitely respect his opinion.  After all, it is good to be exposed to different views right?

3.  I Can't find my Phone...

I thought I would end this week with something that I found to be interesting, random, and helpful all at the same time.  Have you ever put your phone down for one second, only to forget where you put it down the next?  Well don't fret my Loves!  I Can't find my Phone was created to solve that problem for you.  If you go to this website, you can enter your phone number and it will call your phone for you to help you find it.  Cool right? 

I hope you all enjoyed these 3 things that helped get me through the week with a creative and positive mindset!  Join me next week same place same time! 

What helped you to get through your week?  Share it with us by commenting below!


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