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Hey D.O.L.L.S! What an amazing week it has been in the world of blogs, entertainment, and our own personal worlds of course!  I hope that you all had an amazing week as well:-) I am so excited to be able to wrap up yet another wonderful week with our wonderful readers!  With that being said - three things that kept me inspired and open minded, put me in a spirit of thankfulness, and brought me smiles and laughter included: the premiere of Nicki Minaj's Moment for Life, Can I call him first - a post by blogger Oloni, and the best laugh I had all week courtesy of Kayki of Kaykispeaks.com.

1. Can I Call Him First

Topping off this week's list is a post that I read from blogger Oloni at simplyoloni.blogspot.com.  This post answers the infamous question us girls seem to find ourselves asking when we've become interested in a new guy - "Can I call him first?"  In her post, Oloni shares that this is a new time that we are living in with new rules!  Sure some of us are old fashioned, but should we really be stressing ourselves out about whether or not we should call a guy first?  My answer to that question would be no! Take a look at  the post and share your opinions:-)

2.  In case you need a laugh....

Coming in at a SUPER close second this week is a video shared by the lovely Ms. Kayki (@KayKiSpeaks) over at KayKiSpeaks.com I would just like to say this made me laugh all day!  Please watch the hilariousness that is Sunny D and Rum!

3. Moment 4 Life

Last, but certainly not least:), is Nicki Minaj's highly anticipated video Moment 4 Life featuring fellow Young Money mate Drizzy Drake!  I love Nicki Minaj and all of the creative things she's been bringing to the world of entertainment.  The one thing I love about her the most is that she is comfortable being herself and never apologizes for it!  Moment 4 Life was yet another wonderful creation from that creative brain of hers (pauz).  This video just reminded me that it's okay to believe in fairytales, because they come true for the people that truly believe in them!  Check out the video below.

Nicki Minaj - New Music - More Music Videos


Yep! That's right I love you all so I decided to give you a bonus this week!  Our bonus comes from the super talented Chris Brown.  It's a song called Beautiful People.  I'm really feeling this one, so take listen below and let me know what you think!

Benny Benassi Feat Chris Brown - Beautiful People by dl-official

x❤x❤ Darlings,


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