Love and Relationships: When a Man says No…to a Relationship

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Guy talk is hilarious. Ladies, get a male friend that’s brutally honest, and you’ll find endless entertainment for days. In a long fun-filled conversation with a true friend of mine, he proceeded to clue me in on a few things. So these are just a few MENtal notes every woman needs to tuck away in the back of her mind.

“When a man says ‘NO,’ you can’t change his mind.”
If he’s not into you, you can’t make him suddenly fall head over heels. While it’s true that most people can have a change of heart, don’t try to pressure a man to see something in you that he doesn’t want to. Know your worth, dear, and don’t stoop low. Instead, stand tall, and realize that it’s okay to move on and enjoy singledom until you find the right one.

“I only want to see you at night with some pajamas on.”       
A late night call…oops, excuse me, text…is a green light for ONE thing. Every woman I know seems to know this, but so many fall for it over and over again. We can kid ourselves all day and truly think that we’re in control—that our emotions won’t get all tangled up in some complex situation with ‘ole boy,’ but are we being honest?

“Needless to say, I ain’t stand up for her.”
I believe a man is built to protect what’s his. Now, I’m not saying we’re possessions or anything, but real men stand up for two things: his beliefs and people he cares for.

“None of these girls will ever compare to my last girlfriend, so I can’t be serious about any of them.”
Sometimes, you’re just convenient. Enough said. You can’t replace her so you’re the stand in, and that’s the treatment you get—some second rate ish. If you feel like his heart’s not in it, more often the not it really isn’t, and the perks of a genuine relationship are not in the cards for you this time…Just saying.


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