Moment For Life: A D.O.L.L.S. Edition

Published on Thursday, January 27, 2011 in ,

Moment for Life premiered to night, and yes...we were there to watch it! We love that Nicki decided to make it into a fairytale, because we all believed in them at one point right? Honestly, we believe that fairytales really do happen and we decided to share with you all what we want our Fairy Godmother to wave her wand and make happen for us...check it out and tell us what moments you wish you could have for life!

15 DOLL Moments For Life

1. Falling in love with, marrying, and spending life with prince charming.

2. Living a purpose driven life.

3. Having a fabulous island getaway with my D.O.L.L.S

4. Meeting Trey Songz

5. Eating ice cream for breakfast.

6. Being surrounded by loved ones (in good spirits of course)

7. Being on the OWN network

8. Meeting Drake (and becoming BFF's of course;-) )

9. Living a life filled with sprinkles and glitter!

10. Becoming multibillionaire Moguls:-)

11. Releasing our first book!

12. Inspiring and reaching millions of people worldwide (send your friend our way!)

13. Having 10,000 subscribers (or more) ---> http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify

14. Collaborating with fabulous, creative, and inspiring souls!

15. Creating a nonprofit for young girls worldwide.

What moment do you wish you could have for life?


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