Self Love Series: Step 3--->Be Confident (5 Tips)

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Today we are at step 3 of our Self Love Series, which means we are well on our way to creating the kind of self love that is sustainable.  (Be sure to check out step 1 and step 2  if you are just joining in on the self love series.)  Step 3 to cultivating sustainable self love is to be confident.  Some people are born confident, but others have to put just a little more work in to truly project genuine confidence.  Confidence is important when it comes to self love because confidence in one's self can ultimately lead to happiness.  Happiness comes from self confidence because when you have it not only are you able to love and trust yourself, but you will also be able to project an infectious persona that will attract many positive people.  Check out some tips below on gaining confidence.

Tip 1: Be aware - When you are out and about (even when you are alone) always pay attention to your posture.  Are you slouching and looking at the ground...or are you standing with your shoulders back and your head held high?  Your posture says a lot about you and how you feel on the inside, so be aware of your posture.  When others see that you are walking with your head held high they tend to feel more comfortable with you because you are projecting that you feel comfortable with yourself.  

Tip 2: Know what you believe in and stand up for it! - When you are with a group of people and they do or say something you don't agree with - do you just sit there in silence....or do you speak up and voice your opinion?  When you truly know what you believe in and are not afraid to speak out about it, your confidence is sure to shine.  This builds self confidence because it shows that you do not mind what others will say and think about you.

Tip 3: Be Humble - A lot of times people confuse confidence with arrogance.  That is the biggest mistake that people make.  A major characteristic of a person that is truly confident is humbleness.  Being humble means that you are able recognize your achievements and are proud of them, but you feel no need to rub it in anyone's face.  It means that you are equally supportive of and happy for others.  If you want to see what a person who is truly confident looks like, find those who are successful and humble.

Tip 4: Be Sincere - If you want to gain more confidence here is one sure way to do that - be sincere.  Those who are truly confident not only care a lot about themselves, but they also care a lot about others.  When they are with others they are genuine and sincere about their actions and feelings towards them.  If you believe in what you do and say then others will too.  Believing not only in yourself, but also in others is a sure sign that you are on your way to confidence.

Tip 5: Give Thanks - When we give thanks, it takes our minds off of all our wants and focuses it on all the wonderful things we have.  Giving thanks allows us to take note of our many successes in life.  When we realize how far we have already come, then we have proof that life is full of blessings and we can be easily motivated by what we know we are capable of.  This allows us to truly be confident in our abilities.


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