Who's Ready for the New Season of "The Game"?

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After three seasons, the series was canceled by the CW in May 2009. BET aquired The Game from its parent company CBS and created new episodes of the series. Today is the day that we have all been anxiously awaiting for since April 2010. The first episode of the new series premiers tonight at 10pm! Your DOLLS are so excited about the unveiling of the new season, hoping that we will experience the same thrills as previous episodes. What will the characters have in store for us this season? How will Derwin and Melanie cope with the new edition to their family? Has Jason seriously moved on with Camille? Will our beloved Tasha Mack ever try a different approach towards relationships? We would love to hear what you are anticipating about the new season.

Why we love and connect with the characters....

Tia Mowry Hardrict as Melanie Barnett-Davis
Melanie has continued to remind everyone about the sacrifices she has made to be with her college boyfriend Derwin. She has experienced the ups and downs of relationships that many women face. Although many of us have not dated a professional athlete we still feel the pressures of maintaining a relationship. Not only do our own downfalls, insecurities, and selfishness play a factor, but there are external pressures from the expectations and negativity from those around us. Melanie has chosen to follow her heart, and we all know that the heart can sometimes be deceptive. We will see tonight how her choice has began affected her journey.

Pooch Hall as Derwin Davis Derwin has always possessed a gentle heart for those around him. He has firm beliefs as a Christian man, but has sometimes fallen short. We have seen how his caring personality has gotten him into some sticky situations. He has shown us how the road of life can be paved with good intentions, but at the same time we are responsible for our actions. His love for Melanie has always brought them back together despite their circumstances. From the start he has tried to make things right with Melanie and marry her, but his life has not exactly gone as planned.

Coby Bell as Jason Pitts and Brittany Daniel as Kelly Pitts have chosen to go their seperate ways, and are dating other people. They got married for reasons other than love, and have had to deal with the consequences. Despite their beginnings, both have grown to love one another. Seeing them separate seems right based on the circumstances, but doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance? Was their love worth fighting for?

Hosea Chanchez as Malik Wright Malik has hilariously proven himself to be the cliché of a professional athlete. Although he is completely obsessed with material things, Malik has come to grips with missing parts of his life. Unfortunately he was often left to take care of himself as a child and he never knew his father growing up. Although Malik is a comic relief on the show, his short comings as an adult are very real traits that we see a lot today.

Wendy Raquel Robinson as Latasha "Tasha" Mack
Some have viewed Tasha’s role as the angry black woman as controversial, but she is just as hilarious as her son Malik. Some of her actions are definitely over exaggerated to prove a point, but I think we all have a little Tasha Mack hiding inside of us! She never holds back the things we often think and would like to scream aloud. She may be extremely irate with her insecurities towards men, but much of what she says we have wanted to blurt out a time or two. That is way we love her character!

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