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Hey D.O.L.L.S! If you are reading this that means we've all been Blessed to have yet another fabulous week and I have a nice mix of things to share with you this week.  I stepped outside of the world of blogs just a little just to give you Darlings a taste of something different and a slightly bigger peak into my world;-)  So you want to know what made the list this week?  Well...three things that inspired me, gave me a greater appreciation for life, and made me groove this week included: How to be Awesome, The Dejon Simmons Story, and A Tell Tale Heart - the mixtape.

1. How to Be Awesome Instruction Guide

Topping off this week's list, is a post that I read from Stanford Smith at Pushing Social.  This post is a great how to guide for bloggers or anyone who is trying to become a entrepreneur, mogul, etc.  Smith touches on staying true to yourself, doing your best, and always being honest with yourself and your audience.  If that doesn't make you awesome I don't know what does!  Be sure you check out How to Be Awesome.

2.  The Dejon Simmons Story

I was randomly on twitter one day when this link popped up on my timeline.  I must say, I truly only clicked it out of curiosity.  I had no idea that what I was about to watch would help me to be even more thankful for life and change my perspective about some things that I had been stressing about that really were not that important.  The Dejon Simmons Documentary tells the story of a young vibrant teen who is in for the fight of his life after getting into a life altering accident.  After watching this video, I had a better understanding of what it truly means to fight for and truly appreciate every moment.


Now I immediately thought of Edgar Allan Poe when I heard the title of Dawn Richard's A Tell Tale Heart, but I must say...Richard definitely has what it takes to become a legend just like Poe!  I literally downloaded this mixtape as soon as it was made available.  There is just something about Dawn's voice that I love and it is just so different.  In my opinion the mixtape is amazing and Dawn's level musicality is out of this world!  Be sure you check out Dawn's blog after you download the mixtape. 

Hope you enjoyed the list this week darlings!  What do you think about the list an  are somethings that kept you going this week?


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