Glam in 60 Seconds

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Hey Ladies!! Do you ever feel like you need to spruce it up every now and then, and hence give off a better vibe? Well if you answered yes, then here are a few quick tips towards a HOTTER you!!

1. Be Confident in yourself:
Confidence is very evident and appealing on anyone. No matter what people say about you, one must be possess an inner security to be confident. People will always try to bring you down, but you have to look past negative perceptions of yourself.

2. Lip Gloss:
Lip gloss can be an fun alternative to lipstick. Lip gloss can just make you feel girly!!

3. Foundation:
Not everyone needs foundation, but if you feel a little uneasy about   your complexion try it out for a change. If it's your first time, you may want to visit the make-up counter to receive help from a professional make-up artist.

4. Eyeliner & Mascara:
This duo can make your eyes pop by adding definition to one of the most special parts of our faces. Some may look better with only the mascara, while others can get a more dramatic effect my using both.
5. Be Confident:
I can't stress this enough, because we are all beautifully made! Doing girly things like applying a little make up to accent your beauty can bring our your inner diva!

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