Spread the Love: Advice Anyone???? (Day 3)

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So what’s their secret, you ask? How do they keep their relationships going strong and such? Well, our couples of love bugs decided to share some of the best best relationship advice they've ever received with you so...Happy Reading and enjoy!

James and Chequita
Whenever, you find a good, faithful, and independent individual hold on to them. Do what you can to make the relationship work. Most of all do not totally change your way of life to satisfy your relationship, only make minor adjustments.

Mike and Felicia:
Keep your relationship business between the two of you. Everyone does not need to be involved! Always remember to communicate with each other as well.

Krystal and Mario:
Never get with a man that can’t show you as much as you can show him. My granny said it best! ~Krystal

Jessica and Quentin:
Keep people out or your relationship, mom, dad, sister, brother everyone OUT! No one should be involved in your relationship except you and your mate. 

Our relationship panel certainly let us in on some of the best advice they ever received about maintaining a healthy, happy relationship, but we would love for you to share your ideas as well. Do you agree with what they’ve said? Let us know why or why not, and offer some new pieces of advice! Stay tuned for DAY 4 of our Spread the Love Special!

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