Spread the Love: Better to Give than Receive (Day 4)

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Better to give than to receive, and our couples have living proof to support that statement. Check them out as they share the most flattering things that their partners have ever done for them!

James and Chequita: The most flattering moment we’ve ever experienced was “when he asked me to marry him and when she said yes.”

Mike and Felicia: The first time Felicia told me I was her best friend was very special, and
Michael sings songs about me. He's hilarious!

Krystal and Mario: I had to have surgery once (early in our relationship), and there were some really personal things at the hospital that I could not do. Mario took care of me without hesitation and did not get grossed out.

Jessica and Quentin: Quentin came to my classroom unexpectedly to bring me roses, and then he left a love note under the wipers on my car, and Jessica surprised me on my birthday with my favorite breakfast meal and gifts already set up.

Love is truly in the air, I suppose! No what time of year it is, you should always be willing to show your loved ones just how much you love and appreciate them. Your turn to share, thought, what’s the most flattering gesture you’ve ever done for a significant other? What’s the most flattering things someone’s ever done for you? Share your thoughts! :) 

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