Spread the Love: The Honesty Clause (Day 13)

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Is there ever a point when you can be too honest??? Did one white lie ever hurt somebody? You be the judge, and while you’re at it check out what our couples had to say about honesty’s place in their relationships.

“Would you be honest no matter even though what you have to say may hurt your partner?”

James and Chequita: No, because some things can go without being said. Sometimes feelings can be hurt or possibly lead the relationship into ruins when the partner thinks outside of what is being said or takes a situation too far.

Mike and Felicia: Sure says Felicia. Mike thinks that regardless of popular belief there maybe sometimes where you have to use your best judgment in certain situations, because simple things can be blown out of proportion. Overall there should always be honesty in the relationship, though.

Krystal and Mario: Yes, the truth will always come out. If you are not honest, and the truth unfolds, your partner will probably lose their trust for you.

Jessica and Quentin: (Jessica) Honesty is the best policy.  If you trust your partner and you believe that your love will conquer all then whatever you feel will hurt them you still need to tell them.  Trust is very important in a relationship and when that is lost it is hard to get back. (Quentin) Yes. Trust is everything in a relationship.

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