Spread the Love: Just a Friend, Eh? (Day 7)

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Hmm…you say she’s just a friend?!

Would you trust your partner with a “friend” of the opposite sex? Or is there too much of a fine line between “friend” and something more? Check out what our panel had to say!

James and Chequita:
We really do not mind at all, as long as we  remember where the cut-off point is and know how friendly to be and not to be.

Mike and Felicia: It's not an issue as long as the partner knows how to deal with that
kind of company. A friend is a friend.

Krystal and Mario: I trust my man. You have to have that bond of trust or you will be very insecure. Also, I know most of his friends of the opposite sex. All of you should be able to get along with each and know that they are just “friends” and that saying goes for me as well.

Jessica and Quentin: (Jessica)Well, if they were friends before our relationship began I am cool with it. As long as him and his friend have no sexual feelings for each other and she respects our relationship I’m cool.  I do not think that men in relationships should be making new friends of the opposite sex. (Quentin) If they were friends before our relationship, that’s understandable. However, I am against if they were previously intimate or talk every day.

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