Spread the Love: Keeping the Spark Alive! (Day 5)

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Everyone knows that if you lose the spark, sooner or later you lose the relationship so we just had to ask our relationship panel to chime in on how they make sure the flame is still blazing in their relationship…Check out what they had to say!

James and Chequita: Well, of course the first year was very exciting, and trying to keep the relationship exciting after that is an obstacle. We go on weekend trips and try to find a new place every time. To stay young and have fun we go miniature golfing at Dave & Busters and amusement parks. And when we decide to stay in the area we go to the park or have movie or game night.

Mike and Felicia: We're very open minded to each other, and we make sure we keep our
communication lines open.

Krystal and Mario: We still make time to have date night and talk for hours like when we first met.

Jessica and Quentin:  Well Quentin is a simple guy; he is content with food, a beer, and intimacy.  I usually surprise him by taking him out to eat on me or dressing in a costume in the bedroom. I think Jessica and I keep our relationship exciting by Being able to enjoy any situation by incorporating laughter and intimacy. I usually surprise her by bringing her flowers to her job or making a romantic dinner.

So Dolls and gents, what’s your secret to keeping the spark alive in your relationships?

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