Spread the Love: Know Your ROLE! (Day 6)

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Ms. Independent can do everything! Can’t she? After all, she is a modern day HERO or should I say She-ro! Hmm…but in a relationship are we supposed to wear as many hats as we can or should men and women occupy certain roles? And if so, what exactly are the manly duties and the womanly duties?

James and Chequita: No, because both partners are fully responsible. Our relationship is not 50/50 only giving half. It is when both of us put 100% effort into the relationship. She deals with money better than I do, so she handles the finances, but does not leave me out of the loop.

Mike and Felicia: Yes, because we were wired differently. It's not neccesarily the physical roles that are the issue, but it is the social, emotional and mental roles that each have. A woman must feel protected, or there is
not going to be much loyalty. Likewise a man must feel supported.

Krystal and Mario: Not really. A man loves to provide and a women loves to take care of her man (cooking, cleaning, etc) but, I think the roles should twine together. It makes life easier and you don’t feel like you are the only one doing certain things.

Jessica and Quentin: (Jessica) I believe that the woman’s role in a relationship is to please her man sexually, physically, and emotionally. If she succeeds at doing these things she will not have to worry about anything in the relationship. (Quentin) Yes. A man should be strong and supportive of his woman. A woman can do bad by herself. Her man should add to her happiness not subtract from it.

Well, our panel certainly chimed in a bit on this issue, and if you feel so moved, you can as well…We’re all ears! :)

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1 Response to Spread the Love: Know Your ROLE! (Day 6)

February 6, 2011 at 10:06 PM

I've had this conversation with others before. I don't believe in stereotypical roles. Like Chequita and James wrote, I think it all depends on what each person's talents are. In their case, Chequita is better with money so she takes care of the finances...but includes him in decisions. I think it's important for everyone in the relationship to recognize and give credit to apparent talents, admit areas of weakness, but be open to suggestions and help. I think man and woman should be proactive and do what needs to be done. It's a partnership. Everyone needs to pull his and her weight in order for the relationship to not only function, but blossom.