Spread the Love: Making Memories (Day 10)

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The best part of a relationship is creating memories that you’ll carry with you for a lifetime, and sometimes it's the most simple moments that matter the most! What’s your most memorable moment with that special someone? Check out what our four couples had to say, and share your stories as well!

James and Chequita: The day she graduated from South Carolina State University on December 11th, 2010 when I proposed to her on one knee and she accepted my proposal shocked, crying, and laughing. Our moms were also crying.

Mike and Felicia: (Mike) It was the honeymoon in Vegas for me! (Felicia) It was the engagement dinner for me!

Krystal and Mario: If I had to name one, it would probably be just laying out on the beach (cell phones off) while napping in our own world.

Jessica and Quentin: (Quentin) The hot summer day years ago when we stayed in the bed all day. We were still in the early stages of our relationship and we had a wonderful time talking, laughing, and being intimate. (Jessica) The most memorable moment that I have with Quentin is the day we got married.  Most people would probably think it is when we said our vows, but it was actually before our wedding.  I was a bridezilla on my wedding day and one of the groomsmen was late, and my sister had dirt on the bottom of her dress from walking around. I began fussing and yelling and one of my sorority sisters went and got Quentin because she felt I was stressed.  Quentin talked to me on the other side of the door and told me everything was okay, calm down, and that he loved me.  So my wedding day was a memorable moment for me. 

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