Spread the Love: Meet the Couples (Day 1)

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February has arrived, and love is certainly in the air. It’s only right to celebrate the love that exists in our community so we sought out four couples that would let us pick their brains about finding love, keeping love, and growing deeper in love. Every day we will post a new question posed to our panel of participants along with their answers all the way until Valentine's Day!

Whether you’re single or attached, we hope that you learn something from these posts, and we want you to take the time and think about the questions that we asked our four couples. Feel free to comment on the posts and share your answers to the questions, and most importantly…

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Meet the Couples:
Krystal and Mario met each other through mutual friends, and their relationship never has a dull moment. Since then, they’ve been together for about 2 ½ years, and they really look forward to building a life together in the future.  Starting out as friends first, has really helped set the tone for their relationship, and really taking the time to get to know each other without rushing into a relationship was in their opinion the best thing they ever did.
When asked to describe Mario in three words, Krystal describes him as caring, understanding, and patient.

We, Chequita Snow, 25, and James Burgess, 24, met at the campus of South Carolina StateUniversity in August of 2005. During that summer the SC State was hosting a Technology summer camp for its student workers.  After three months, we decided to take each other home to the parents as friends.  All went well and our families accepted the both of us.  Needless to say about two months later we decided to make it official and become partners.  As time progressed we began to have strong feelings, but they were put on hold due James pledging an organization and limited contact. So, we both ended up going separate ways, but that did not last long. As soon as the semester came back in we were back together.  During 2007-2008, we really had some issues going on as a couple.  In 2009, James decided to leave and go drive trucks over-the-road and Chequita could not handle being all alone. So we decided to part ways. Despite the decision neither one of us could not see ourselves with anyone else. So James took a full-time job at SC State, enrolled in grad school; and we decided to mend what we had and move forward.  On the day of graduation, December 11th, 2010, James popped the question and everything has continued to blossom.
When asked to describe each other in three words, James described his fiancé as beautiful, loving, and charismatic while Chequita sees him as being confident, handsome, and adventurous.

Felicia and I (Mike) are what we like to consider the power couple. First and foremost Jesus Christ is first in our life, and we always try to make sure that our light is shining for the whole world to see. Many people come to us for advice and prayer dealing with many different issues, and it's not that we think we're that qualified to help but God gives us the wisdom to be able to say an encouraging word. Felicia is an electrical engineer with Southern Company, and I am a young minority business owner. I co-own and operate Fitness Together of Mountain Brook, AL. We are both Greek. Felicia is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and I a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Felicia actually crossed on my birthday April 21, 2007, and I crossed August 22, 2003. We love people, and most importantly we love the Lord!
When asked to describe each other in three words, Felicia felt that Mike was “He LARRY US”…lol, and Mike feels that she is sexy, beautiful, and intelligent.

They say the best things in life happen unexpectedly and I guess love follows that path.  Quentin and I met while in college at a night club that neither of us planned to attend. Every since that chance encounter five years ago we have been together.  I was told that it is best for a man and a woman to grow together and that is just what we have done. Over the years we have matured and so has our love and understanding of one another. By placing God at the forefront of our lives, respecting one another, and taking the time to cherish the small things that make love so wonderful we continue to fall even more madly in love with each other as every day passes.  Let no one fool you marriage is a job; it takes hard work, understanding, and dedication. However there is nothing more rewarding in life than giving your all to a person and having it returned.

When asked to describe each other in three words, Quentin felt that Jessica was spontaneous, funny, and caring while Jessica felt he was intelligent, funny, and optimistic. 

Hmmm, your turn!...If you could pick three traits for your ideal partner to have, what would they be and why? For those of you that are coupled up already, what three words sum up your partner the best?

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