Spread the Love: A Perfect Fit! (Day 11)

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Sometimes opposites attract and at other times, not so much. Check out how these very different personalities fit so well together as our couples answer today’s question, “How do your differences in personality compliment your partner?”

James and Chequita: Our differences in personality work very well together. Where one lacks, the other picks up in all aspects... socially for example, he is more likely to start a conversation. She is a great money saver and the he just gets what he wants… and cooking is truly one-sided. :) But sometimes we do have a lot of disagreements because of the way we think.

Mike and Felicia: Felicia is more the laid back type; she has to get to know you first.Whereas, Mike is the outgoing over the top person who meets no strangers. It makes a perfect balance when we're dealing with people.

Krystal and Mario: I am very short tempered and he is very patient and laid back. I give him a little more “spunk”.

Jessica and Quentin:  (Quentin) Jessica is very impulsive and I am very analytical. There are situations that call for each.
 (Jessica) I have a strong, impulsive, and stubborn personality and Quentin makes me think that I have my way.  See, I am very loud and I will demand the attention of the room, but Quentin is there with that look that says “Jessica shut up, before you say something stupid.” Lol

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