Spread the Love: Shacking vs. Test Driving (Day 12)

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Is it even called “Shacking” anymore? Living together has become the norm nowadays so we wonder just how do you feel about couples living together before marriage?

Should couples test drive their relationship by living together? Why or Why not?

James and Chequita:
Yes, so that they can get to know each other’s habits in the house. If they are clean, nasty, neat freak or even plays a video games all day. These things could lead the relationship into a catastrophe.

Mike and Felicia: It’s strictly based on preference, but in our opinion it is a good idea
to know your partner in a more raw manner. When your significant other spends the night at your place, they are still not totally unprohibited. Once you start living together, then you can start
seeing their true colors. You just have to discuss the whole sexual activity conversation.

Krystal and Mario: In my opinion, I think couples should live together a little while before marriage. There will be things and habits that your partner may do, that you have no clue about. Also, it may be a deal breaker for the relationship. Staying a few days out of the week, you don’t normally get the feel of that person in their environment. If you guys are very different with your lifestyles of taking care of a home, you may not want to live with that person.

Jessica and Quentin: (Jessica) Yes, I feel that if you live together you will learn things and habits about each other that you may not have noticed during the honeymoon stage of the relationship.  I feel that you really learn about a person when you live with them.
(Quentin) Yes, living together allows you and your mate to learn each other’s habits that may have initially been concealed.

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