Fab Fashion: Spring is Here & It's Freshly Baked!

Published on Friday, March 4, 2011 in

You know it's Spring when....

A. You start to see skin
B.  You start to see everyone out in the streets

C.  Your wardrobe changes from dark dull colors to bright YUMMY colors!!!!!!

I've never been much of a sneaker kind of girl, but lately I've been embracing many different types of fashion and this shoe caught my eye!  It is the Neon Sire (Freshly Baked) by Pastry!  I love all of the bright colors, and they are just in time or spring!  You can basically wear these shoes to brighten up a savvy/chic/urban look!  Which one is your favorite color?

All images via http://www.lovepastry.com


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