Age: Just a Number or Another Hindrance?

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Recently, one of my friends posed a question about pursuing a relationship with a younger guy and wanted to know my opinion on the matter. Even though the first image that came to mind was a of middle-aged woman holding a cradle at gunpoint, I quickly got past that and settled on the fact that love is an emotion not a number. If he makes her happy and she’s comfortable with what they share (and their both in compliance with the law :), then who am I to discourage her?

Then it dawned on me that other women have been through similar situations.  Striking up chemistry with someone is all well and fine, but what happens if his age just doesn’t fit the bill?

So for our first question of the week, we want to know if you would date someone younger? And if so, how low would you go? 5 years? 10? Would you be bothered by the opinions of others? And if age is much more than just a number to you, what would bother you the most about dating a younger beau?

Also, while we’re on the topic, is it more socially acceptable for a man to date a woman MUCH younger than his current age? I mean…look at the difference between how Jay Z and Beyonce are perceived and Vivica A. Fox and her random boy toys. Is this just another double standard between men and women in progress?

Comment and share your thoughts on the matter!

Love ya!


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1 Response to Age: Just a Number or Another Hindrance?

May 4, 2011 at 5:15 PM

Personally I would go 5-10 years only because alot of women are really starting to be more relaxed in their demeanor & are more spiritually grounded. Some women in their early twenties are still finding themselves and discovering new aspects about them that they need to explore, I just thought it would be selfish of me to get in the way of that. I have always been comfortable in my skin so what people have to say just bounces off me. I'm way to confident for that mess. You really can't pin point who you might fall in love with especially age wise. If you have that special chemistry with someone older or a little younger than you,why not explore the possibilities instead worrying about popular standards. You never if that person could the soulmate you have been searching for.

I think there has been a double standard with men dating younger women for centuries. It was always sociably accepted dating back to biblical times when men had more than one wife and they were younger women at that from holy times until now it was accepted because men were the power structure in society, in family and relationships. Women were poised,dainty intelligent & shamefaced. They never broke or went against tradition. But funny thing women were never ostracized for dating older men. Not ever. Only because women were suppose to find a man according to wisdom everything else fell into place. Now that you have women who are independent, highly successful and are not letting social norms dictate who they are, there's an uproar. Older women are just that...older not dead. Intellectually,Sexually, & Spiritually they are in a beautiful place in their life and know what they want and are going after it. My Older Goddesses Do You...forget the naysayers they are not living your life.