Beating the Clock: 3 Ways to Send Procrastination Packing!

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Life definitely has its way of getting crazy at times, but when you let your “To Do” lists pile up on you, undue stress is not traveling too far behind so here are a few sure-fire tips to kick your procrastinating urges to the curb once and for all!

Get your priorities straight! Face your challenges head on, and take the hardest task of your day—whether it’s the potentially career-altering presentation you have to create for work or the charity event you’re throwing together for your non-profit—and place it at the #1 spot on your To Do List! Start with this task and make some headway! We tend to shy away from projects that we perceive to be complicated and drawn out, but that kind of thought process won’t change the fact that it must be done regardless. Just imagine how much better you’ll feel the rest of the day when you can look back and see how much you accomplished in a day’s time!

Set a Date or Two! Put two different deadlines on your calendar—the actual due date and the deadline you’ve set for yourself! Make sure the deadline you create for yourself is both realistic and manageable for you (and planned way ahead of the REAL deadline). Doing so will help you avoid late nights and much too early mornings! Also, if you need an extra incentive, tie some kind of reward to your early deadlines to make them worth going after!

Be Chunky! Biting off more than you can chew can really send your procrastinating urges into overdrive, but for once, do yourself a favor and disregard the BIG picture. You can take a project that seems like a huge undertaking and actually break it up into smaller pieces that can be accomplished quickly and easily. Completing these smaller tasks will also help you chart your progress and make you feel like you’re actually “getting somewhere” with your projects.

Hope these tips save you some valuable time in the future! Feel free to share some other time-saving tips with us as well! ;)

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