Bloggin' Birthday: Happy Birthday to US!!!

Published on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 in

A year ago we launched 3 DOLLS with a specific end goal in mind. We wanted to inspire everyone to follow their Dreams Of Love, Life, and Success, and as we continue our blog, we want to make sure we’re always thinking ahead and pushing forward.

And if we could have 3 wishes on our Bloggin’ Birthday, here’s exactly what we’d want:

  • More participation from YOU! We love to hear all the positive things you have to say, and we would love more of your input! So if you have any ideas for a guest post you want to do or any comments you want to leave, feel free! Contact us at the.three.dolls@gmail.com

  • We want to continue to inspire our audience with more features and interviews from forward thinking entrepreneurs and leaders!

  • And finally, we want to increase our network and our influence in the community!:)

And to those that inspired us to start blogging, we would love to send a huge thank you to The Single Woman, Those Girls are Wild, and Her Daily Fix.

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