Fab Fashion: Look of the Week - Strip down to Your Stripes!

Published on Monday, May 23, 2011 in ,

Changing seasons pave the way for changing trends, and stripes are definitely “IN” in a BIG way this season.

Stripes are a dominating force on the runways this year, and we can’t help but notice that designers are experimenting with bold, high-impact colors and stripes of varying widths that add a sporty, playful vibe to their collections.

Whether it’s thin, thick, or slanted, if the stripe is right, you've got to wear it! And, depending on your mood, you can easily go from bold and beautiful one minute to soft and subtle the next. We're beyond certain that there's a stripe out there  for everybody, and if you check out any fashion show displaying Spring and Summer lines, you’re bound to find a stripe or two that peak your interest. Besides, if Michelle Obama deems them wearable, I think we all should follow suit!

Now we realize there's a thin line between Fashion Do and Fashion Don’t, but as long as your line turns out to be a stripe, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Something about this versatile pattern is timeless, and as far as the Summer season is concerned, your closet should definitely cross the line at some point and invest in a few striped pieces.

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