Letters from a Concerned Citizen to: Ms. High Maintenance

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Dear Ms. Maintenance,

High class and high maintenance are not interchangeable qualities so let’s not confuse the two any longer. Maintenance has little to do with your actual personality, and more to do with your upkeep. And, just whose responsibility should it be to keep YOU in “mint condition” so to speak?

Declaring that you’re high class doesn’t put you in the running to become a man’s hottest asset or newest addition to his set of monthly bills. If claiming your “class” was all it took, then he should at least be able to claim it, too (on his taxes). However, since he can do no such thing, I urge you to take a closer look at your simple requests and how they reflect on you.

Courting fees (ie the general costs of a date) are not the issue here. The real problem surfaces when women expect their partner to pick up their slack for less than moral exchanges. Not all of us do this, but I have witnessed some high maintenance women stoop far too low to keep their Virgin Remy weave within a stitch’s reach of their scalps and their Gucci Soles below their toes.

The harmless bragging that ensues after you collect what’s due might not hit your wallet hard at all, but it damages your character. Celebrating how much you’re able to get from him seems fine to you, but to others, we wonder exactly what you had to do to get what you were owed?

No one should have to pay time and a half to be seen with you. When you make it all about your upkeep you run the risk of becoming a THING to be kept like a car needing an oil change or grass that needs trimming instead of SOMEONE to be loved, cherished, and supported. It’s a thin line. Don’t cross it.

In short, I’ll sum it all up with this one reminder: Taking on a relationship should never have a price tag attached to it. Your bills are no one else’s and your maintenance is no one else’s. If you can’t afford to keep yourself, don’t expect someone else to. #ThatisAll!


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