Think About It Thursdays: Baby I’m the best so you can’t do better…

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By now I’m sure you’ve all heard Drake’s latest relase Marvin’s Room and JoJo’s cover of Marvin’s Room (Can’t Do Better).  Now as much as I love JoJo’s voice, and Drakes melodies, the messages from both these songs are quite the tragedy.

Marvin’s room is basically about a guy who drunk dials an old Love to basically express to her that she can do better.  Throughout the song he also tries to persuade her to reminisce with him about the good times they used to have in hopes of dragging a confession out of her that she to is not over him.  As a comeback for the ladies, JoJo’s cover of the song is about a girl who dials her ex to let him know that after you’ve had the best you can’t do better.  She describes his new “chick” as a bedazzled little Barbie doll and figures that sending him sexy pics of her will serve as a reminder that she was the best he’s ever had and ever will have!

Now we’ve all gotten those drunken texts, calls, bbm, and instant messages from old loves, and past flings (or perhaps were the ones doing the texting/calling). We know what it’s like to have an old love hate on our new happiness, so naturally almost everyone can relate to these songs.

Although both are very catchy songs, the one thing that I hoped would not happen, happened immediately!  I began to see girls tweeting lyrics from the song as if it were their new “anthem.”   You know the “in your face, you had me but you lost me but now you’re with that h**” lyrics that ladies tend to cling to.  The sad thing about this song is that it’s just another tale about another woman who feels the need to rain on the parade of her ex and his new love because she feels that he could never do better than her.

The first thing I would like to say about this is if you were truly the best thing he ever had, then you would not have to call him to let him know.  Also, you most definitely would not be worried about him if you really felt with all your being that you were the best thing he ever had and he missed out.  A call like this could only be made for one of four reasons.

The first reason being that you are jealous and haven’t let go of the past.  The second reason being you are lacking some self worth, love, or confidence.  The third reason being you need to be validated.  The fourth reason being a combination of reason’s one, two, and three.

Ladies I’d just like to say think more of yourself than to call up your ex in an attempt to “remind him” of how great you are and think three times before you send him this song (or belt it out to him in the club Tasha Mack style). True greatness can be felt and does not need to be spoken of.  Oh and remember ladies…calling your ex to “remind him” of how “great” you are only proves to him that you haven’t let go (which makes him think he was the best you ever had).  #Imjustsayin

So ladies...are you trapped in Marvin's Room?
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