Fab Fashion: Look of the Week--The BLOCK is HOT!

Published on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 in ,

If the subtle hues that dominated the spring fashion scene don't pack enough of a punch for you, break out that color wheel of yours and take it for a spin. Color blocking has taken over runways of major fashion designers like Gucci and Prada this year, and achieving this look couldn't be any simpler. 

Proceed with caution, however, because overdoing this trend could be detrimental to an innocent bystander's pupils, but other than that, mastering this fad could definitely make you stand out in the crowd (in a good way)! :)

How to get the look:
It's probably best if you ease your way into this style by working with two colors at a time so either pick two colors on the color wheel that are complimentary to each other (right across from each other like red and green) or two that are right next to each other and "stack them" on top of each other when you put your outfit together.

If that's still too much for you to handle, then you can choose a bright hue and pair it with a more subtle color like beige or black. You could also find a dress that is a solid color and choose an accessory that compliments the color for an unexpected dash of color! Either way, your outfit would be eye-catching, edgy and ultra-chic so...

Have fun playing in your closet, and remember to stack those BLOCKS of COLOR!


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