Beauty DIY: Lighten up those Dark Circles

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If someone was to ask if I was afraid of the dark, I would have to admit, "Why yes I am!" because I don't know any woman who actually wants to wake up with a touch of darkness settled underneath their puffy eyes in the morning. 

So with that being said, I decided to put together a list of quick fixes for this common beauty dilemma, and hopefully, one of these tips will help us send those unsightly bags packin' for good! :)

  • Applying Tea Bags to your eyes for 10 - 15 minutes will reduce swelling underneath the eyes and lighten if not totally remove the dark circles around your eyes. Be careful if you use this method, though. After boiling the tea bags for a few minutes, let them cool until they are safe to touch before you place them over your eyes!
  • It may be a good idea to stash a couple of spoons in the freezer as well. Placing chilled flatware on your lids will definitely flatten those puffy pupils in no time!
  • Two types of water can also serve as a viable solution when dealing with dark circles as well. Dipping two cotton balls or facial pads into salt water or ice water will help soothe the area and return it to its natural shape and color.
  • Slicing a few cucumbers and placing them over the eyes is also another helpful way to get rid of unwanted puffiness. Cucumbers have a natural astringent properties that helps soothe and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Also, if you already happen to have eye cream just laying around the house, place it in the refrigerator to give it an extra boost of power and get ready to notice a change around your beautiful eyes! 

Bonus Tip: These were only a few tips to help with those troubling dark circles, but the biggest tip we have to share is to make sure that you are living a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you get enough rest and reduce unwanted stress in your life as well as maintain a balanced diet and consume the recommended amount of water for your  size. If any of those needs aren't met, then you'll start noticing the effects not only in your appearance but in your overall health as well!

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