DUI: Dating Under the Influence!

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Plenty of factors go into building a relationship and maintaining a healthy one at that, but sometimes we tend to let some factors carry more weight than they necessarily should. We allow ourselves to be influenced by trivial matters that can truly limit the relationships we allow ourselves to build with others.

Physical attractiveness is one of the most influential factors in the dating realm, and don’t get me wrong this is no trivial matter by any means. It may very well be the first thing that caught your attention and made you want to get to know a person better to see if there's really any chemistry to get excited about. The problem occurs when people put too much weight on this one area. I agree that there should be some level of attraction to your partner, but you can’t lose sight of the fact that this is only one out of three areas! What about the Mind and the Spirit? Ladies, no matter how hard you try, you can’t have a conversation with their six-pack, and men, her pretty face could surely be attached to an ugly spirit. Basing a commitment off of looks alone is nothing but lust, and lust can lack, but only love will last!

Change we can believe in, but please believe—It doesn’t come on your cue! And, unfortunately, some of us have the tendency to attract “Do-It-Yourself” Love. Instead of taking our creativity and renovating homes, we renoDATE people, but if love was as easy as a DIY project, we’d all have our match right now. Be willing to date the present person and not the future possibility of who you can create. You might have a little bit of “pull” in your relationships, but you influence will only go so far.

Cosigners, depending on your credit, may be necessary in some aspects of your life, but when you become too dependent on their thoughts rather than your own, then your relationship has morphed into more of a group counseling session that a couples dynamic. No one should have to sign off on your relationship. Your approval is all you really need.

The craziest influence of them all is loneliness, though! It really does drive people to date, and not only do they date, they date out of convenience! All I can say is…If you can’t feel complete by yourself, then you haven’t mastered self love, and if you can’t master self love, then you won’t be able to give to another what you can’t give to yourself.

Moral of the story: Friends don’t let friends drive drunk AND FRIENDS DEFINITELY DON’T LET FRIENDS DATE DUMB!!!

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