Friday Night Lights: Magazine Mash Up

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Tonight's Magazine Mash Up is bought to you by Women's Health(June Issue), Cosmopolitan (July Issue).

Like most girls, I enjoy cuddling up and reading through some of my favorite magazines, but let's be real....sometimes you only find a few things that spark your interest, you can apply to your life, or that inspire you.  It is because of this very reason I decided to bring you the Magazine Mash Up of interesting, tips, tricks, and trends that I find interesting ( I may throw in a few facts as well).  Happy reading!!!

Concerning Weight Loss...

According to Women's Health Magazine:

* When you decrease your junk food intake you increase your chances of losing weight. *Tip- in order to cut your junk food purchases, pay for your groceries with cash.*  It has been found that when paying with cash a person is less likely to spend as much on junk food as opposed to when they pay with a credit/debit card ($14.20 when using credit vs. $8.20 when paying with cash).  Go figure!!!

Painless Money Saving Tricks

According to Cosmo:

*Score discounts by checking out online store's like Crate & Barrel by clicking on their "outlet" tab to get amazing bargains.

* Workout for free by visiting yogajournal.com/podcast or youtube.com/user/blogilates.


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