Questioning Love: Don't Let this Happen to You!

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There’s no such thing as a stupid question, RIGHT?

We’ve all heard that saying before, but I’m here to set the record straight. In love, there ARE plenty of stupid questions, and we’ve all either heard a friend say one or slipped up and said a few ourselves! Don’t be ashamed, though! Lol…it happens to the best of us!

Warning: If you have to ask any one of these questions, run to the nearest exit, and realize something bigger and better is waiting for you!

Why don’t you love me?
If the love is gone, leave with it! That’s the only reason you asked that question in the first place. At some point you felt that they didn’t love you or didn’t return your love the way you wanted them to. Either way, they’re not a match so don’t waste any more time trying to spark a flame! I know, I know. Even Beyonce belted out that song about this a year ago. In it, she went down a long list of why he should love her and all the things she was capable of doing, but in the end, no one’s interested in your relationship credentials. It’s about chemistry and appreciation so if they don’t see you as a priority, then be the Best Thing they never Had!

Why are you treating me like I ain’t worth ish?
Besides, the” jacked up” grammar that runs all through that question, please remember this! People treat you the way you allow yourself to be treated so the real question is, “Why are YOU letting them treat you like you ain’t worth ish”? If you act like trash, then that’s what people bring to you, and even if you hold yourself to a higher level, guess what? Trash is still lurking. Even if it approaches, you still have an option to hit ‘em with a STATEMENT instead of that SILLY QUESTION. Simply state that, if you’re looking for a TRASH CAN (i.e. someone who accepts your nonsense), you’re in the wrong area, try a couple of places “to the left, to the left.” Leave it at that, and accept nothing less that what you’re worth.

When are you going to leave her?
The real question should be: If you leave her, how much time do I have before you leave me? Karma is a beast, and what goes around comes around. Never tempt someone else’s significant other. It’s a time bomb waiting to happen. Really, how can you lay a strong foundation for your budding relationship if you had to dismantle someone else’s to get your building blocks?

Who am I to you?
This just sounds like an identity crisis just waiting to happen! If you have to ask them this, then the answer is obviously, “NOTHING.” A person’s actions will always show you what place you have in their life so if you have to ask this, you’re probably dead last with everything else tying for first!

Question to the DOLLS and gents:
Do you know any other questions that we missed out on? Have you ever asked/heard these questions asked before? Did they actually get an honest answer or an answer that they were looking for? Let us know what you think! ;)


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