Reflection Affirmations (30 Minute Affirmations)

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Join us this summer as we help you get your day started the right way with morning affirmations! 3 Dolls Morning Affirmations #3DMA! Follow us on twitter...@3_dolls. 

Tip: Take 30 minutes out of your day to focus on and feel the meaning behind these affirmations.

Reflection Affirmations 
❤ I see great things ahead of me. I embrace and receive those great things.
❤ I see that life is wonderful because I trust it to be.
❤ I see myself succeeding and I let go of negative thoughts about myself.
❤ I see my situation improving from better to best.
❤ I see endless opportunities that are open to me, and I am divinely guided down the right path to my dreams.
❤ I see that I have an incredible strength inside of me and I get stronger with every step I take. 
❤ I see myself living the life of my dreams, because my faith is unshakable.


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