Think About it Thursday: Going the Distance

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I’ll be honest. Frequent flyer miles and monthly meet-ups are the furthest thing from my mind when entering a new relationship, but what happens when those distant thoughts pose as potential threats to your relationship’s near future? 

Who says that your soul mate is actually lurking around in your zip code anxiously waiting to be found? Love may be a many-splendored thing, but she sure has a lot of tricks up her sleeve. While A BRIEF absence may make the heart grow fonder, what happens when love just goes too far?

Long distance relationships often get a bad rap because people believe they are doomed to fail even before they get off the ground. Believe it or not, plenty of couples have developed successful long distance relationships and still enjoy the perks of them as well. Yes, I said perks!

For one, there is a certain level of built-in adventure because you have “the best of both cities” aspect, I guess. Visiting your beau would seem more like a mini-vacation than having them over for your monotonous Movie Night Thursday! And assuming that you’re in a healthy relationship, the amount of trust and communication that you must have in order to keep your relationship afloat would make that the strongest part of your relationship (which is generally the toughest part for any fledgling relationship). Also, your space would be respected. I mean, you would REALLY have to work hard to smother your partner, unless you think sending 35 texts in an hour and following them up with “I love you…Wish you were here” voice mails for good measure is the NORM! O_o

Problems enter the equation, however, when the foundation you built your relationship on weakens. If you get right down to it, that’s what happens in any relationship. It’s just that the effects are felt faster on long distance relationships. Think of all the times that you’ve grown distant in your relationships and how that felt. So what do you think will happen  when you’re already miles apart and the communication stops suddenly or your schedules conflict a little more than usual? What happens when long distance leaves room for insecurities to seep in? They wreak havoc on trust, and if you and your partner haven’t thought about each of those questions (and then some!) beforehand, then how exactly will you protect your relationship for the long haul?

Another point to consider would be: How much distance is TOO MUCH distance? Let’s be real. A 30 minute drive to your boyfriend’s house is a lot better than a once-in-a-blue-moon bicoastal rendezvous, is it not? If you rush and jump into a long distance relationship, then yeah buddy, most likely it’ll crash and burn, but if you take the time to work out the logistics, then who knows what’ll be in store for you two.

This post was inspired by a friend of mine who is about to give a long distance relationship a fair chance so if you have any advice for him and his lady friend to make it work either comment below or mention @3_dolls and make sure you use #GoingTheDistance and give us your tip!:) ...And Feel free to take our weekly Poll!

Would you ever be in a Long Distance Relationship?

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