Ways to Change Your Life: The Ohm (Operating Higher Mentally) Diet

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Many of us have, at one time or another, come to a point in our lives that we long for change.  It may be that you are tired of the monotony of everyday life, or that you want better things to occur in your life.  Whether you are looking for a miracle or just a healthier mindset so that you can live your best life, then know that there are ways to change your life.

The first way or step to changing your life is and will always be to adopt a healthy mindset.  No matter what your dreams are or how capable you may be of making them come true, if you do not possess a healthy and positive mindset it is likely that you will never see these dreams come to pass.  Even if you are just looking for a way to change and improve your life then retraining your thoughts is always a great first step!  Just as we are always eager to diet in order so that we can have a healthy body, we must also be eager to also be able to better our minds.  One way to create or retrain the way you think in order to operate higher mentally is to try the "Ohm" Diet.  Check out the steps the to the "Ohm" Diet below...

The "Ohm" Diet

Step 1: Filter What You Allow In

At this point in your life, it is likely that your mind has come to a point of being on "auto pilot."  You may be going through life just living and allowing things to happen without even realizing it.  If you find this to be true for yourself the first thing to do to fix this is to become aware of what you are allowing into your mind and ultimately into your life.  Make it a point from the time you start your day to pay close attention to   all things that you are surrounding yourself with that are infiltrating your thought process.  Pay special attention to anything negative, because these are the things that you are going to want to start to move away from or block out.  Essentially, doing this will allow you to begin to filter the things you allow in.

Step 2: Start Small

Once you are able to identify things in your life that are negative, cause you stress, anxiety, anger, etc...start small by finding ways to move away from these things.  Stop allowing them in your life.  For instance, if you have someone in your life that is constantly negative when you come in contact with this person keep the conversation light.  If the person begins to say or do negative things, politely excuse yourself from this person's presence.  It's really about taking care of yourself and your energy, and the sooner you understand this the quicker you will be able to transform your energy and become a happier you!

Step 3: Cleanse & Release

After you begin to filter negativity out of your life, remember that this is a process.  Rome wasn't built in a day and transforming your process will not happen in a day either.  Allow yourself to cleanse and release negativity from your life.  You may find that once you begin to filter the negativity out sometimes slips back in.  Realize that it will take sometime to complete this process, but as soon as negativity arises cleanse yourself of it.  Ways to cleanse yourself of negativity and release it include: praying, meditation, repeating mantras, or focusing on affirmations.  Doing these things will help you throughout your transformation and they will serve as a way of allowing more good things in!

Try the "Ohm" Diet and let us know how it works for you!  When you're healthy, we're happy!  Happy Friday!!!

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