August Man of the Month: Stephen

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Getting to know our Man of the Month....

DOLLS:  If you could be given ANY gift what would it be?

Stephen:  I'm a simple guy: bring me some Bojangle's and I'm happy!

DOLLS:  What do you consider your key to happiness to be?

Stephen:  The key is gratitude:  you'll be happy when you can be proud of your past and appreciate what you have.  By no means am I suggesting one should be content – always strive for a better life – but one must realize that things could always be worse. 

DOLLS:  What is your number one source of inspiration?

Stephen:  After being in the real world for a little while now, I'd have to say my mother who instilled the virtues of patience & sacrifice in me.  I’ve learned it’s hard taking care of yourself out here, and when I reflect on my childhood & how I was raised, I'm baffled at how she was able to provide everything that my sister & I needed after my parents divorced when I was 11 years old.  If Mom could do it with a little bit, I can definitely do it with a little more.  (Mom, you better not cry when you read this either! Haha…)

DOLLS:  What is the one thing that makes you uniquely you?

Stephen:  My line name is KalKulated, and I think that pretty much says it all!  I don’t believe in coincidence and nothing about me is by chance:  I’m very deliberate in my actions and put much thought into my diction.  Plus, I don’t think you’ll find many other people that plan things to the level of detail that I do.

Looking towards the future with our Man of the Month.....

DOLLS:  What dream are you currently pursuing?

Stephen:  My lofty dream is to become a Vice President at Merck (my current employer), which probably won't happen for at least another 25 years!  In the short-term, I'd like to become a people manager within the company.

DOLLS:  What are the first steps you took to follow your dreams?

Stephen:  I feel that it is essential for someone in a high leadership role of a company to comprehend both the manufacturing and business aspects of his or her company.  I have a Bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and have been working in the Validation Department of the Merck Manufacturing Division for two years now.  My next steps are to continue to learn the manufacturing side through working different roles with Merck before transitioning to the business side and getting an MBA.  I think that path will set me up to achieve my lofty goal one day.

DOLLS:  What are some roadblocks that you have come across?

Stephen:  In the two years I’ve been in my role with Merck, I’ve had four different people managers.  After 15 months on the job, I had the most tenure with Merck of the people in my validation team.  As the one with the most experience in the position, I began to be called upon when questions concerning validation arose.  I could have easily hidden behind my youth and inexperience; instead, I took the challenge head on and now have a solid understanding of the policies and procedures that govern my job.  I love when the questions come to me now too!

DOLLS:  Is there anything that you’d like our readers to learn from you?

Stephen:  It seems that the only things people care about are sports, music, movies, reality TV, video games, facebook, & twitter.  I want your readers to learn that they shouldn't invest so much time into these trivial things.  Watch the news, pay attention to the economy, follow politics – not just President Obama – and you'll begin to see what this world is really all about.

DOLLS:  What advice do you have for young men your age?

Stephen:  This stage of our life is all about planning for the future.  Despite the popular saying, life is long – very long.  All the decisions we make now influence where we will end up in the future, so we need to make sure we can live with the consequences of our choices.  I encourage young men my age to invest in their 401k, save some money for those big purchases in the future (car, house, etc.), and create a 5-year plan to track their life's progress.

DOLLS:  At this point in your life, what makes you happiest?

Stephen:  Honestly, I'm happiest when I'm among friends.  It's been tough having to start over socially after moving to the Greater Philadelphia area, so any time I get a chance to go home and catch up with friends & family, I'm happy.

DOLLS:  What motto do you live by?

Stephen:  Prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance.

DOLLS:  How do you stay motivated to accomplish your goals?

Stephen:  I realize that nothing in this life is free – you have to work hard to get what you want out of life.  I’ve set my goals and I’m determined to bring them to fruition.  I actually hate failure more than I love achievement, and that’s how I know I will stay motivated to accomplish every goal I set for myself.

DOLLS:  What can we look forward to from you in the future?

Stephen:  I don't want to spoil the story for your readers!  LOL!  Check my track record though and you'll come to expect nothing but great things from me.

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