Beauty DIY: Luxurious Skin Renewal & Relaxation

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Bubbles, baths, and relaxation...these are a few of my favorite things.  As a young lady who is always on the go I have learned, some could say the hard way, that the key to a good life and beautiful skin is relaxation!  After a long week or two you owe it to yourself to pamper and primp and enjoy the finer things in life.

One way to show your body, and especially your skin, some love and luxury is by taking a milk bath!  Milk baths leave your skin feel UBER soft and they leave you feeling like a queen. Milk baths are very beneficial to your skin because it contains alpha and beta hydroxy acids!

Alpha hydroxy acids, such as lactic acid which is contained in milk, act as cleansers to your skin and remove dead skin cells.  Beta hydroxy acids exfoliate your skin, which is why your skin feels EXTREMELY smooth and soft after a milk bath.  Even ancient beauties like Cleopatra loved this natural skin renewal technique!!!

Create your own royal milk bath routine by starting with this recipe:

Add 1/2 a gallon of Vitamin D milk to a bath tub filled with warm water.  If you like aromatherapy, try adding lavender or chamomile in a fabric pouch and allow it to soak in the bath for some relaxing scents.  Add bubbles for fun!


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