Beauty DIY: Talk of the Town Newspaper Print Manicure

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I'm a sucker for cute and unique nails!  I came across this UBER fab manicure using newspaper print from a good friend of ours over at Jenna Brown Photography.  Check it out and try it for yourself!

You'll Need.....

❤ light colored polish
❤ rubbing alcohol 
❤ a small glass  
❤ a few newspaper clippings


What To Do....

Step 1: Paint your nails and let them COMPLETELY dry

Step 2: Cut your newspaper clippings into small squares (Clippings should be big enough to completely cover your nails but not too big.)

Step 3: Pour alcohol into your glass

Step 4: Dip your fingers (individually) into the alcohol and leave them in for about 30 seconds

Step 5: Place a square of newspaper onto your finger and press to make sure it's flat across the entire surface of your nail

Step 6: Give your nail one last little rub and pull the paper off

Step 7:  Paint a clear coat of polish over each nail and let them dry


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