Daily Affirmations: Against All Odds (30 Minute Affirmations)

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Join us this summer as we help you get your day started the right way with morning affirmations! 3 Dolls Morning Affirmations #3DMA! Follow us on twitter...@3_dolls. 

Take 30 minutes out of your day to focus on and feel the meaning behind these affirmations 

Against All Odds

❤ I live in a world of abundance and unlimited supply. 
❤ In a world filled with instability and negativity, positivity is a constant for me.
❤ I have a renewed spirit and I am relaxed in my faith.
❤ I am defined by unfailing love, my circumstances are proof of my strength.
❤ I am worth the best EVERY time.
❤ Miracles happen for me against all odds.
❤ When things seem to point to lack, I experience luxury.


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